Post-Holiday Coronavirus Guidelines

Holidays are over, just as quickly as they came. Everyone is going back to their normal routines. The holiday tradition is important and fun; family gatherings, gifts, events, kids’ parties. Different generations come together from various places to spend time together.

The inevitable is that the coronavirus is very much still with us and we need to take the necessary measures. This is to ensure the safety of ourselves, loved ones and those around us.

Why do a test before travelling? The Coronavirus symptoms should appear between 5 to 6 days from when someone is infected. However, sometimes it takes up to 14 days while others are asymptomatic and do not show symptoms. 

Regardless of when and if the symptoms reflect, an infected person can transmit the virus. This is why it is important to be tested before travelling, get isolated if infected and receive medical care.

If you want to test for leaving the UK, click here. If you want to test for entering the UK click here.

The PCR test is a test to release London from the continuous spread of the virus, as well as reduce the number of death rates in the city. The PCR for travel has been designed in various ways to make the process easy and convenient.

The 15 minutes rapid antigen test with test certificate is used by governments globally, as well as sports teams, film productions and other organisations who need to know immediately if their members are infectious before their next production, sports season, diplomatic travels and so on. To undergo this test click here.

On the other hand, Coronavirus PCR Swab Test on the other hand identifies if you Infected between 24hrs to 48hrs after the test. To undergo this test click here.

When entering the UK, what coronavirus guidelines to follow are depending on where you have been in recent times and if you are fully vaccinated. Your passport or any other means of identification would be checked to confirm if you are allowed to enter the UK from your present location as well as your PCR test results – click here to take a PCR test 

For those leaving the UK, it is important to check the foreign travel guidelines of the country you are leaving for, check out if your vaccination pass is eligible over there and carry out the necessary Covid19 test you will need to enter the country you are travelling to – click here to take a PCR test 

You can also buy a Coronavirus Home Testing Kit and get tested at the comfort of your home. Remember, there are a few easy ways to keep safe from the coronavirus; if you are 2 years and above then always wear a mask in public gatherings and hospitals. 

If you are fully vaccinated but take drugs that reduce the efficiency of your immune system, ensure to take all precautionary measures as you are highly prone to get infected. 

While at gatherings, maintain social distancing as much as you can while wearing your face masks. Properly sanitize your hands at entry and exit of your homes, offices, events, marts and other places with points of contact. 

Do you have symptoms of coronavirus-like fever, high temperature, difficulty in breathing, or sore throat?  Visit the nearest covid centre near you to get tested. A healthy meal keeps the doctor away, eating right and exercising should be part of our daily routine.

Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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