New measures to combat Covid-19 in London

The fight against the Covid-19 virus continues. In conjunction with the world health bodies, the UK is doing its best to contain the spread, especially in the wake of the new Omicron variant. The new measures to combat the virus is to adhere to all the old health and safety measures and observe them like never before. 

What are the ways to fight the deadly virus?

You must be fully vaccinated and sensitize the people around you to do the same. 

The news of the vaccination brought immense relief to all and sundry. However, it was also met with doubts. Certain sects of our society have taken a solid stance to campaign against taking the vaccine. However, you must know that diseases that have plagued our planets from the beginning of time started this way. Health organizations worldwide have had to come together to develop vaccines such as this for our world to have a fighting chance.  

Vaccination is the ultimate step to becoming entirely free from the claws of the CoronaVirus. After you take the vaccine, you must sensitize as many people as possible; families, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances to take the healthy stance of getting vaccinated. The duty of keeping our families healthy is a collective job and must be done with utmost responsibility. A great way to promote sensitization is through your social media. Social media proved to be one of the most outstanding communication and global connection assets. You must use its power to protect our planet.

Once you notice the signs of the virus, isolate yourself and prepare to get tested.

The virus thrives in an atmosphere where we don’t take fast action. It’s not enough to ignore the signs of the virus or self-diagnose as the case may be. When you notice any of the symptoms of the Corona Virus, self-isolation and preparing to get a PCR test are the steps to take. The first step is to search for the closest “Covid-19 PCR test centre near me“. PCR tests are fast, reliable, and accurate. Testing positive or negative informs your decision or the action you take next to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Maintain a hygienic environment 

Clean all the surfaces within your environment with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Stay conscious of the kinds of things that happen within your environment that threaten its cleanliness. Remember that the virus thrives where fluids can easily be transferred. Surfaces remain a threat because they cannot tell the nature of fluid droplets they can entertain. You can only be too careful as a result, so you want to stay on guard to avoid touching surfaces no matter how neat they appear. 

Wear your nose mask properly and especially in crowded places

The virus’ new addition to our everyday wear is the nose masks. You must ensure to keep a nose mask on and especially in crowded places at all times. It must cover your nose, mouth and chin. Ensure you have clean hands before and after you take them off. In the case of medical masks, cleanly dispose of them in a trash bin and wash the fabric nose mask every day before reuse. The World Health Organisation advises to not use nose masks with valves. 

Keep proper personal hygiene and maintain a one-meter physical distance from others.

Ensure you take personal hygiene seriously during this period. Avoid touching your face. When you sneeze or cough, ensure you do so into your elbow or in a tissue paper and properly trash the tissue paper after. Exposing your droplets to the open space puts others at risk. 

You must keep your distance, especially in public spaces. You must also maintain at least a one-meter physical distance from others at all times. There is no telling whether the next person has the virus, and you want to keep yourself safe at all times.

You must view the duty to stay healthy as a collective effort during this period.

It takes more than individual efforts or the government’s efforts working in isolation to survive a pandemic. You must contribute your quota to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones. 

Remember to contact the nearest coronavirus testing centre when you notice any of the signs of the virus. The common symptoms may include fever, tiredness, dry cough and loss of sense of taste and smell. You may also experience a headache and sore throat; when you notice these signs, isolate yourself and contact the Covid-19 PCR test near you. You can find a cheap PCR test in London if you’re around.

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