Navigating Covid-19 in the Workplace

Navigating Covid-19 in the Workplace

Business means people. Every day, to get the job done, you have to interact with a bunch of individuals. Whether they are your work colleagues or customers, interactions are bound to occur. As a business owner or employee, how do you ensure the work environment is safe? We know that the higher your engagement with other individuals, the higher your chances of interfacing with the deadly CoronaVirus. There are many ways you can generally ensure safety in your workplace and protect your work colleagues or employees from the dangers of health hazards. We’ll discuss the several ways in this article, and maybe you have tried one or more of these options in your workplace. We’ll see about that. Shall we?


A great way to guard against a virus is to prevent yourself from being infected by it. A virus that has endangered the lives of many across the globe, you’d agree, is one to look out for. You want to keep your guard up to keep it at bay. Adopting the work-from-home method has been great and it should continue. Also, get the vaccine. Perhaps one of the best news we’ve received about the Covid-19 virus so far is the invention of a vaccine. It’s not too late. Schedule an appointment for your employees if you can with the nearest vaccine centre around your workplace. It says a lot about your care for workplace safety. It is also a hack for workplace productivity because a healthy and happy employee means the job gets done.  The vaccine is not 100% armour against the virus, but it is very close, and you can sleep better at night knowing you’re vaccinated and thus protected.

Workplace Testing

The UK government has recommended workplace testing for the Covid-19 Virus. It is the best way to ascertain that everyone is squeaky clean and free from the hold of a deadly virus. Workplace testing allows for decent interaction, especially at a critical time like this. So how can this be done? Access the CoronaVirus testing for corporations in the UK. The CoronaVirus testing for corporations in the UK or the CoronaVirus testing for businesses in the UK are scheduled to be done on-site and take seconds to carry out, ensuring that work activities do not suffer disruptions. 

Educating your staff on best Covid-19 Health Practices

By now, everyone knows what these safe practices are. Yes, we can all admit that these practices don’t come naturally to some of us. Wearing a nose mask all day long can be tiring, but it is what you have to do to stay safe. It takes constant reinforcements to wire these practices into our everyday lives. So, you want to put that notice on your office notice board or at the door of staff offices. You can word it in a fun way to encourage adherence. Bring out your Office fun side with it. I mean, why not? Board Room, not Bored Room. Okay, maybe you rolled your eyes at that one, but you get the drift now. 

‘We want you to be safe, Kelvin. Have you washed those magic fingers?’ is a great way to ensure that Kelvin washes his hands with soap and water at intervals.

Remind your staff or colleagues to maintain social distancing. Sometimes you’re too engrossed in tasks at the office, and everyone is looking to smash their deliverables and contribute more to reaching the organisation’s goals. Interactions are inevitable in these instances, and your staff or colleague may need a reminder to practice social distancing. 

A Healthy/Fun Reward System

If you want to make sure people abide by specific rules or practices, tie it to a reward. It’s an age-long practice that we all benefited from growing up. You want your kids to do better with their grades, make a sweet deal. “You get those Lebron basketball sneakers you want so badly if you improve on your grades this session”. Incentives and rewards stimulate positive attitudes, and it is something you can take advantage of at your workplace. The best staff at abiding by all the best safety practices may win a vacation allowance or even a nice suit at a particular year period. People love rewards, and you can channel this positively.


The above-suggested practices work best when combined and implemented. Prevention supersedes cure, always. Access workplace testing through the CoronaVirus testing for corporations in the UK or the CoronaVirus testing for businesses, and you’re off to a good start. All other suggestions are just as important, and you should leave no stone unturned in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for your staff and colleagues.

Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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