How to perform PCR tests on children

How to perform PCR tests on children

Children are most times delicate and require a good deal of care to administer medical procedures to. You want to sweet talk, persuade, and even promise a reward to ensure they’re on the same page.  To entertain the idea of swab tests on children or any test, you need to set up an environment where the child is comfortable.  If you’re dealing with a child that is a bit grown, you can explain how the procedure will go and for the child to communicate any discomfort.

Performing PCR tests on a child

If you notice the symptoms of the virus in your child or he is sick, and you’re not sure what’s going on, performing a PCR test proves a good option. You don’t want to take chances and ensure that your child is free from the virus, especially as children like to play with their friends. To be sure of the status of your child, you may want to explore the option of home test PCR. You can perform a home test PCR in the comfort of your home, and it’s a win because, as we earlier stated, we want to create a comfortable environment for the children, so they feel less scared and agree to take the test more easily.

How does it work?

You can order a home test PCR kit and have it delivered to your location. The idea is that you use the kit to take samples from your child via a swab test and then send those samples back to the lab through the delivery agent.  Experts then test the samples in a lab to check for the presence of the virus and send the results back. It is a pretty straightforward method altogether and fast too. The idea is that you carry out the test in a less hectic environment for your child, and they are more receptive to the concept of testing in this instance.

Important things to note before and while carrying out the test on a child;

Follow the instructions in the home test PCR kit. The kit contains step-by-step instructions from wearing your gloves and masking up before proceeding to take the test.

Walk children through the procedures you are about to take with them.

Assure the child that the process is easy and does not take time at all.

You can offer the child a distraction like counting from one to five or reading the alphabet. A more older child can grab onto a toy if they feel like it. 

How to keep children healthy

An intelligent child is a child with an active mind and they often manifest this by engaging in a lot of activities. Children want to explore, and this is a sign that you have a brilliant child. A curious mind is a mind that yearns to discover new things and how they work. Only that in the process of exploring, children may be oblivious to adhering to safety practices. As a parent or older person, you want to make sure the child does not forget to wash their hands, use nose masks and maintain social distance during this period. It’s a challenging task to entrust children with, but what choice do we have?

Observe changes in your child. If a physically active child starts to show signs of being less active, this might be the time to move closer to see the problem. Fever slows anyone down, children and adults alike, and most times, since it happens gradually, you have time to check and do proper testing if the virus is responsible. Apart from fever, other symptoms like loss of sense of taste and smell are difficult for children to notice in themselves early on. You have to ask questions from time to time and educate your children to take note of these signs and report them as early as possible.

Remember, it’s not just about the safety of your child; the safety of their friends is at stake as well. We want a healthy and safe environment for everyone they come across and must ensure this by playing our parts. 


A healthy child is a happy child. Performing a PCR test on a child is pretty straightforward when you set up the proper environment to ease their tension. Home test PCR kit gives you the flexibility of a relaxed atmosphere for a hassle-free testing experience for a child. 

Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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