How has Covid-19 affected our relationships?

Covid-19 has changed how you interact with the world around you. Early to mid-2019, you saw a hug as a non-threatening friendly gesture. You didn’t even need to be best friends with a person to share a hug; as long as you shared mutual consent to hold one another close, you went for it. 

Handshakes are beautiful. Shaking hands is a natural reaction to closing deals after finalising agreements and signing contracts. You and your friends shook hands with reckless abandon, and quite frankly, how did handshakes become something we have come to dread and deem life-threatening? The pandemic happened, and you had to adjust.

While there have been devastating downsides to the virus, it also brought a few positivities with it.

Let’s talk about the downsides. 

Social life

You undoubtedly did not want to socialise in public places for fear of contracting the virus. You were also less likely to attend large gatherings. In addition, there was a general sense of suspicion towards others, especially those exposed to the virus. Even those who did not believe they had been exposed might have avoided contact with others out of fear.  


Lounges, Bars and clubs had to shut down as they became a potential avenue for spreading the virus, and nightlife disappeared as a result.  


Employers and business leaders were also affected. Many schools and businesses closed their doors, so leaders of these institutions could not conduct their affairs as usual. These leaders were worried about the welfare of employees or students and therefore kept a close watch on them. Most importantly, many citizens had lost family members or friends to the virus and felt it was inappropriate for them to even gather during this time of grieving.

Let us talk about some upsides.

Covid-19 has made our work lives a lot easier. It makes getting your work done a lot faster, which means you have more time for yourself after work. 


Covid-19 has given us more time and freedom to focus on other things outside of work, like spending time with family or friends. This freedom is very convenient because you can easily do your work anywhere through laptops and mobile devices. As long as an internet connection exists and a device such as a laptop or mobile phone, there is no need to go to the office every day; you can get things done in the convenience of your personal space. 

The convenience of working from home is something we’re grateful for, and we continue to take advantage of it to make our busy lives a lot less hectic.

How to get our lives back

While you may have adjusted to your new life post-Corona, there is still a part of you that wishes to get the pre-Corona era back. We want that too, but with the continuous mutation of the virus, who knows?

One thing is this; whether our wish to go back to our everyday lives will come true or not rests on our individual and collective efforts to combat the virus. 

How have we been living our daily lives? – You should still remember to wear nose masks in public places and wash your hands regularly with soap and water. How about hand sanitisers? Do we still keep those and use them at intervals?

Do we adhere to all safety measures put in place to keep our families and us healthy? The fight is still not over, and we should remember maintaining social distancing. 

You know what to do when you notice symptoms of the virus – buy a Corona Virus test or book a covid test in London if this is where you reside. You can equally get these tests at a PCR test centre in your neighbourhood.


The virus has undoubtedly reduced the way we interact physically. You have become more careful in how you interact in public spaces to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Nose masks, hand sanitisers, social distancing are terms we have grown accustomed to, and there’s no telling when things will indeed return to normal. In all of these, our contribution to society’s wellbeing remains that we maintain all health precautions and buy a covid test to ascertain our status when we experience symptoms of the virus.

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