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How to perform PCR tests on children
How to perform PCR tests on children
By online buddy | Nov 27, 2021

Children are most times delicate and require a good deal of care to administer medical procedures to. You want to sweet talk, persuade, and even promise a reward to ensure they’re on the same page.  To entertain the idea of swab tests on children or any test, you need to set up an environment where […]

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Entering the UK PCR Test
How to make sure your family is healthy during this holiday season
By online buddy | Nov 25, 2021

The holiday season is a busy time, and we don’t always have enough time to take care of ourselves. From traveling back and forth to barely-there diets and overwhelming work duties, it’s common for us to sacrifice our health. The festive season can spell stress for many people. Regardless, holidays are usually a time when […]

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Navigating Covid-19 in the Workplace
Navigating Covid-19 in the Workplace
By online buddy | Nov 22, 2021

Business means people. Every day, to get the job done, you have to interact with a bunch of individuals. Whether they are your work colleagues or customers, interactions are bound to occur. As a business owner or employee, how do you ensure the work environment is safe? We know that the higher your engagement with […]

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impact of covid-19
The Impact of Covid-19 on businesses
By online buddy | Nov 20, 2021

‘The Rona,’ as people some call it, has changed how we conduct business forever. It has brought up new strategies to carry out daily tasks without us having to be physically present.  Indeed we are being introduced to measuring output based on work carried out and not merely being at the office all day long. […]

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private Covid-19 test at home
Early symptoms of Covid 19 and Home Testing
By online buddy | Nov 3, 2021

When feeling unwell, one of the first questions to ask is, “what’s wrong?” Sometimes people feel so ill they forget what caused their illness starting with the Covid-19. Whether your doctor wants you to return for more tests or not, understanding some of the early symptoms of Covid-19 may help you get the diagnosis you […]

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Helping travelers prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus
Helping travelers prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.
By online buddy | Nov 1, 2021

A fit-to-fly Coronavirus Swab Test with Travel Certificate is conducted, and the result is accompanied by a doctor’s report certifying that you indeed took the test and may be allowed to fly.

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