How long do you need to wait in between Covid-19 PCR test
By online buddy | Jan 10, 2022

In 2019, Covid-19 took effect and forced us into playing by its rules. The virus has affected us in several ways we could ever imagine. For the first time in a long time, the whole world froze and was at a standstill; until the advent of the vaccine and numerous testing methods. PCR test has […]

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Can PCR Tests detect Omicron?
By online buddy | Jan 8, 2022

Just when we thought we had defeated Coronavirus, the omicron variant was first dictated and reported on the 24th of November, 2021. The variant is presently on the rise in the UK as thousands of cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus have been detected. In the last couple of days. Over the Festive period, […]

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How to keep your family healthy in 2022
By online buddy | Jan 5, 2022

It’s the start of a new year when goals are being set and everyone is back to their routine. With a lot of people entering the UK after the holidays, it is important to protect ourselves from Covid19. The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine has reduced the spread of the virus, subsequently leading to the […]

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Post-Holiday Coronavirus Guidelines
By online buddy | Jan 3, 2022

Holidays are over, just as quickly as they came. Everyone is going back to their normal routines. The holiday tradition is important and fun; family gatherings, gifts, events, kids’ parties. Different generations come together from various places to spend time together. The inevitable is that the coronavirus is very much still with us and we […]

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10 Things to know about PCR Testing
By online buddy | Dec 15, 2021

PCR is Polymerase Chain Reaction, and it’s a test carried out to detect a specific organism’s genetic material in your body, such as a disease, condition or virus.   This article will walk you through 10 things about PCR Tests and why you should be confident taking them.  Shall we? PCR Testing is carried out to […]

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By online buddy | Dec 13, 2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that the virus will be with us for a bit. Every day, we continue to make efforts to reduce the effect of the Corona Virus on our daily lives, but it looks like the virus continues to mutate and requires way more attention than we’re giving it.  We can attribute […]

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New measures to combat Covid-19 in London
By online buddy | Dec 11, 2021

The fight against the Covid-19 virus continues. In conjunction with the world health bodies, the UK is doing its best to contain the spread, especially in the wake of the new Omicron variant. The new measures to combat the virus is to adhere to all the old health and safety measures and observe them like […]

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How has Covid-19 affected our relationships?
By online buddy | Dec 10, 2021

Covid-19 has changed how you interact with the world around you. Early to mid-2019, you saw a hug as a non-threatening friendly gesture. You didn’t even need to be best friends with a person to share a hug; as long as you shared mutual consent to hold one another close, you went for it.  Handshakes […]

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Now that I have taken the booster jab, what next?
By online buddy | Dec 8, 2021

What are booster jabs? The vaccine is a protective one-time medication/repellent against the Coronavirus. Even when you contract the virus after taking the vaccine, your ability to spread it is non-existent. The vaccine adequately equips your immune system to fight the virus such that its effect is no more deadly even when you contract it. […]

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